Sunday, July 6, 2008


I hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend. We did, it was kinda quiet around here. Nikki has moved in with Crystal while Justin is in Europe for the summer. The apartment is close to the University, so she doesn't have to wake up quite so early. The apartment has no airconditioning,(I can't imagine living without airconditioning) but they are enjoying living in their own place. I They came over on the 4th so we went to the movies together to see Get Smart. It was pretty good. It was fun just being with them. We had lunch and played games after. Our family seems to be getting smaller and smaller. Grandma and Grandpa Hand came later and brought pizza. Instead of barbequing. It was so easy ! Mom and Wendall haven't seen Dan in Real Life movie, so we watched it together. All in all it was a nice weekend. It felt like we had two Saturdays. One to play and one to work. I wish we had that every week . We are still working on the pathway to the pond. Rick has really worked hard. I can visulize what its going to look like and I'm excited to get to the sand and rock part. Kind like putting a puzzle together.

I've been thinking alot about how grateful I am for this country and for the founding Fathers who worked so hard in our behalf, so we could live like we do. I am worried about our future. We have become a people that don't vote. I heard that Utah was the lowest in turnout for the primary elections last week. 10% WOW that is really bad. Especially when we are losing our freedoms everyday. We had better wake up soon, or, we may find ourselves with a President who controls everything from what we eat to what and when we drive, to how much money we make and where we live. I can't believe what is happening. Who would have thought that we may be talking about the good old days when we could choose what we did for a living and could speak up when we disagreed. Anyway, I sure love you all.


Kimberly said...

Glad to see you're posting again! Wow! 2 posts in two months...we're really spoiled! Maybe next 4th of July we'll make it to S.L. and spend it with our favorite aunt, uncle, and cousins!

Grandma Hand said...

Great post and now you are over your "blogger's block" maybe I can get on with my blogging right now I have just really enjoyed reading the different, wonderful blogs, and I REALLY LOVE THE PICTURES!

Diane said...

Great post! Sounds like you had a fun Fourth! Here in Chicago, Barack has his troops on every corner. They are stopping and asking people if they'd like to help Barack get elected. Probably asking for money. I've seen lots of people talking to them. I sure hope America wakes up! You're right. We need to take the blinders off and get involved!

God bless America!